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New Cannes show layout for 2024

Cannes Festival of Boating will see a new show layout in 2024 as renovation and modernisation plans for the Vieux Port mean land-based and in-water areas will need to be modified.

The Vieux Port modernisation project will impact the southern part of the Jetée Albert Edouard on the north/west side of the port entrance, the careening area, and the Max Laubeuf car park, located opposite, to the south/west of the port entrance.

Show organisers, RX France, say they have been working with the City of Cannes and MVPC to design a new, optimum layout that is suitable for the show while the work – scheduled to take two years – is being carried out.

“Every year, Cannes is elevated to be the world’s yachting capital during the six days the Festival is held. It is clear that the work to modernise the Vieux Port means that we will have to modify some of our installations and how we accommodate our exhibitors and visitors during the Cannes Yachting Festival,” said Filippo Rean, RX France MD.

“Our teams are already able to anticipate the main impacts on the different areas we occupy and find alternatives in the best possible conditions for the 2024 edition and those that follow. To do so, we are thinking 360°, ie, for both the Vieux Port and Port Canto.”

For 2024, the Port Canto will host more of the show, accommodating two of the Vieux Port segments. 

The first, mega yachts, with 1,500 m² of stand space on land and 500 m² of space in front of the boats to accommodate boat builders and engine manufacturers, and around 15 30m to 50m boats.

The second segment will bring together around 100 boats from 8m in length with 1,300 m² of stand space on land and 400m² of space in front of the boats.


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