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Daniamant acquires Jotron AS lighting portfolio

Daniamant has completed the acquisition of the Jotron AS lighting portfolio. 

As of December 1st, 2023, Daniamant will take over all light business from Jotron AS with existing orders and remaining stock transferred to Daniamant. 

The acquisition includes the Jotron AQ-4 MKII, TRON ML-100 marker light, TRON ML-200 marker light and TRON ML-300 marker light. 

“We are excited about the integration of Jotron AS’s lighting portfolio into our product offerings,” said Kevin Rough, Daniamant CEO. “This strategic acquisition aligns with our mission to provide high-quality, reliable, and innovative solutions to our customers. The addition of Jotron’s lighting expertise complements our existing product line and enables us to offer a more comprehensive suite of high-quality lights.” 

Jotron AS is known for providing communication and safety products to the maritime industry. The decision to divest its lighting portfolio is part of a strategic realignment to focus on core business areas. 

“We are confident that Daniamant is the ideal partner to carry forward the legacy of our lighting portfolio,” said Vegar Pettersen, sales and marketing director at Jotron AS. “Their proven track record in maritime safety solutions makes them well-suited to continue the development and innovation of these products, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of the industry.”


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