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Latest battery innovation from Redodo

Redodo has launched its latest innovation, the 12V 100Ah Bluetooth Lithium Deep Cycle Battery.

The new battery comes with Smart Bluetooth 5.0, allowing users to link it to the Redodo app for real-time monitoring of the battery’s status and data, such as SOC, charge/discharge/idle state, battery voltage, current, power, remaining capacity, battery temperature, and life cycles.

Users can remotely control the battery switch and monitor the charging status, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Other features of the new battery include the use of automotive-grade LiFePO4 prismatic cells for durability and longevity and an enhanced battery management system (BMS) with features including over-discharge protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection, high-temperature protection, low-temperature protection and over-charging protection.

The BMS also includes self-recovery protection and pre-charging.

The low temperature protection of the Redodo 12V 100Ah Bluetooth Lithium Deep Cycle Battery is designed for safe and efficient charging in cold weather conditions.

The feature allows the battery to be charged above 41℉ (5℃) while automatically cutting off the charging process when the temperature drops below 32℉ (0℃).

The Redodo 12V 100Ah Bluetooth lithium battery has 1280Wh usable energy and weighs just over 10kg.


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