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Global foiling hub to be established in Genoa

The Foiling Organization, the global association of the foiling industry and its professionals, is to establish its headquarters in Genoa, Italy.

This initiative marks the first step of a strategic partnership with the Municipality of Genoa with the organisation aiming to create a global foiling industry hub.

As part of this, the organisation has outlined plans to host the world’s first Foiling Congress in Genoa.

The event will take place on April 18 and bring together Association members and those interested in joining including shipyards, component manufacturers, designers, universities and research facilities, professional sailing teams, yacht clubs, associations, events, and institutions.

The Congress will culminate in the Awards Gala of the seventh edition of the Foiling Awards, celebrating personalities and significant projects in the world of foiling.

Technological cluster

“We aim to create a global foiling technological cluster, attracting companies and experts inspired by our same enthusiasm,” said Luca Rizzotti, The Foiling Organization founder of . “The Municipality offers us excellent perspectives. Especially in the beginning, we will need significant support from forward-thinking entities willing to invest with us in future technology.”

The commitment of The Foiling Organization will also extend to a series of initiatives ranging from professional training to technological development for the nautical industry, as well as educational programs for schools and public exhibitions.

The Municipal Councilor Francesco Maresca added: “The foiling industry is growing rapidly and will play a central role in the blue economy so relevant for our City. Therefore, it will be a pleasure for us to host the activities and events of The Foiling Organization, which has what it takes to do a great job.”


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