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Frauscher shipyard expands production

Frauscher shipyard is expanding its production facilities in Ohlsdorf, Austria.

The shipyard says the investment of €4 million sends ‘a clear signal’ for its future and its commitment to top quality and innovation.

The current expansion of 855m² will provide a total production area of around 4,100m² and will help to meet a high demand for the eFantom which was developed in collaboration with the sports car manufacturer Porsche together with other models.

“As well as focusing on the very best design and technology, one of our key objectives is short waiting times,” explained CEO Michael Frauscher. “That is why we are making this investment of roughly 4 million euros.”

The shipyard combines boatbuilding, sales, marketing and controlling at a single location.

Frauscher opened the Ohlsdorf facility in 2012 and at the time it provided twice as much space as its previous yard near Gmunden.

In 2016, the shipyard expanded with a state-of-the-art paint cabin where paintwork expert Roland Gruber and his team add the finishing touches to all Frauscher electric and motorboats, applying at least 11 coats.

A new sprinkler system for the entire facility and photovoltaic panels have been added on the new roof areas for safety and sustainability.

The expansion of the production facilities will also create additional jobs – currently there are 80 employees.

The Frauscher shipyard was established in 1927.


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