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First superyacht to incorporate fuel cell methanol system

Sanlorenzo’s new 50Steel yacht’s hotel systems will be powered by methanol, the first such superyacht in the world.

Designed by Zuccon International Project studio, 50Steel incorporates Sanlorenzo’s Green Methanol Reformer Fuel Cell system, capable of powering the onboard hotel systems with zero emissions.

50Steel also has Sanlorenzo’s patented HER (Hidden Engine Room) system, an onboard concept that has allowed for space to be maximised create additional living area, modifying the traditional layout of the boat.

The HER system allows for new ways of interpreting space while keeping the product under 500 tons of displacement and enables a redesigned layout of the engine room.

From the usual two levels occupied, now there is a horizontal development of the propulsion systems and a new distribution of the technical area in the under lower deck.

“With the launch of the 50Steel, Sanlorenzo celebrates a fundamental milestone in its history, in the spirit of innovation and sustainability,” said Cav. Massimo Perotti, chairman and CEO of the Sanlorenzo Group. “The new line of superyachts embodies the pioneering spirit and passion for challenges that have always guided us in the design and construction of our fleet.

Sanlorenzo's new 50Steel yacht's hotel systems will be powered by methanol
Sanlorenzo’s new 50Steel yacht’s hotel systems will be powered by methanol

“I believe what sets us apart is the ability to drive industry innovation, embracing cutting-edge solutions not only in design, always elegant and comfortable, but also in the field of technology and sustainability, to achieve the ambitious goals of reducing our environmental footprint.”

The modular Reformer – Fuel Cell system has been developed in collaboration with Siemens Energy and is capable of transforming green methanol into hydrogen and then into electrical energy to power all the yacht’s hotel systems without storing hydrogen on board.

The system will allow the ship to generate electrical energy up to a maximum of 100kW, with propulsion engines and diesel generators turned off.

The vessel spans five staggered decks, with the alteration of the traditional distribution system of spaces allowing for maximum optimisation of interior space.

Interior design is by Piero Lissoni who used 3D technology for the first time, allowing the technical model developed by Sanlorenzo to be overlaid with the architectural model, for optimal control over all the details.


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