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Eyemouth Marine appointed as EFOY Fuel Cells partner

Eyemouth Marine has been appointed as an EFOY Fuel Cells partner for the supply, support and installation of EFOY Fuel Cells.

Eyemouth Marine is based in Eyemouth Harbour on Scotland’s south-east coast and provides boat repair and refit work with facilities for commercial and leisure vessels, including three slipways, wood and composite repair sheds and fabrication workshops.

“At Eyemouth Marine we’re always championing sustainability – it’s at our core,” explained a company spokesperson. “Our drive towards electric propulsion and off-grid sailing means that EFOY is the obvious choice as our power partner. Dependable, silent and seamless – power afloat when you need it most.”     

And a spokesperson from Fuel Cell Systems added: “We believe in collaborating with like-minded individuals and businesses, with a shared goal of creating a clean, sustainable future for us all! Together, it is possible to create the change we seek.”

Eyemouth Marine is a dealer for several marine brands including Tohatsu, Rebel Leisure and Doosan.

Fuel Cell Systems is based in the UK and specialises in fuel cell solutions and hydrogen refuelling systems.

The company provides fuel cell power and hydrogen systems for a range of off-grid applications.

The system uses a chemical process to produce clean electricity with only waste heat and water vapour with a small amount of CO2 produced in addition.


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