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Engel Refrigeration signs with GDS Ltd

Global Distribution Solutions Ltd (GDS Ltd) has been appointed the exclusive UK distributor of Engel Refrigeration for the marine leisure, commercial and outdoor sectors.

Engel’s origins date back to 1962 when the company was first formed in Japan.

Since then, the company has manufactured and sold more than three million portable fridges and freezers around the world.

“We are delighted with this announcement,” said GDS Ltd director Adrian Gray. “Engel Refrigeration is without question the premier brand within this segment and a fantastic addition to our portfolio which concentrates on the ethos of being off grid with its incredibly low power draw largely due to its impressive compressor technology.

“This coupled with the unique five-year warranty puts the Engel range in a different level to other similar products.”

A key feature of Engel products is a swing arm compressor developed for portable use, and designed to be reliable, and durable.

Over the years, the company has continually improved the performance and reduced the power consumption of its portable compressor fridges, which draw 0.3 to 0.5 amps per hour.

Each product uses hermetic closing and quality insulation. The products are battery-operated (12/24V DC) and current-operated (220V AC). GDS Ltd. is a sales, distribution and channel management company headquartered in Plymouth, UK.


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