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EBI releases boating and nautical tourism framework

The European Boating Industry has released its manifesto aimed at shaping the policy framework for boating and nautical tourism in Europe.

The manifesto ‘Navigating Tomorrow: A vision for a sustainable boating industry #MadeInEurope’ outlines a strategy to bolster the boating industry’s role in driving economic prosperity, fostering sustainability and innovation, and enhancing European competitiveness on the global stage.

The EBI believes boating and water sports are integral to Europe’s economic prosperity, cultural heritage, and societal well-being.

The industry supports more than 32,000 companies and 280,000 employees, with 48 million regular water sports users.

Among the objectives in the manifesto are the advancement of environmental sustainability and circularity, the renewal of European competitiveness, the facilitation of European-based tourism across borders, the revitalisation of Europe’s inland and coastal infrastructure, and the reduction of administrative burdens.

The manifesto is released in the run up to the EU elections and is calling on candidates for the EU Elections to support its objectives.

“The next EU legislative cycle will be of vital importance in shaping our industry in the coming years,” said Robert Marx, EBI president.

“Our manifesto reflects our commitment to building a resilient and innovative boating industry.”


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