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E JetCycle to be launched at boot Düsseldorf

French start-up JetCycle, will launch its latest pedal boat model, the E JetCycle, during boot Düsseldorf this month.

The launch of the E JetCycle follows the showing of a prototype at the Cannes Yachting Festival in 2023.

The model integrates hybrid drive technology with a battery that provides up to three hours of use.

Its trimaran hull provides stability and intuitive flight and direction controls make it user friendly, complemented by an adjustable pedal system based on user size.

The arms connecting the side hulls to the central hull serve a dual purpose as swim platforms so that users can climb back on from the water.

The E JetCycle is more accessible to a range of users
The E JetCycle is more accessible to a range of users

JetCycle was founded in 2020, and designs and manufactures pedal boats tailored for watersports and nautical leisure activities.

Nicolas Picard, JetCycle director, led the development of the inaugural model, the JetCycle Max, in 2021.

“We were very proud to launch a world first two years ago with the JetCycle Max, but this model is less accessible for the average user as it requires power, cardio and balance,” he said. “The E JetCycle is the perfect answer to this accessibility challenge.”

He added: “The ideal customer for our new E JetCycle product is someone who appreciates more sustainable water-based leisure activities, while at the same time being in tune with the premium experience they are used to in the world of yachting and waterside resorts.”

So far, JetCycle has raised a total of €1.5m in pre-seed funding, including €700,000 in equity.


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