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Dockmate selected by Maritimo

Dockmate has been selected by Maritimo Americas as a choice for remote control docking solutions for all Maritimo vessels.

Dockmate’s remote control system allows engines, bow and stern thrusters, anchor winches and horns to be operated from anywhere on board using a handheld device.

The system incorporates patented SoftDocking technology, a ThrusterHold feature and the Dockmate Positioning System (DPS) solution that was recognised with an NMMA Innovation Award at the Miami International Boat Show.

Each Dockmate system comes with a wireless, handheld transmitter with the wireless charger enabling the remote to act as a joystick system at the helm.

Dockmate offers two different remotes for Maritimo customers, the TWIN, for more conventional users and the TWIST for users wanting a joystick feel.

“We are thrilled that Maritimo owners are now installing Dockmate as a remote-control docking system on their boat,” said Marc Curreri, CEO, Dockmate US.

“We pride ourselves in working closely with engine control manufacturers and boat builders to provide solutions that match their needs.”


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