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Daniamant acquires new light product lines

Marine safety and electronics manufacturer Daniamant has acquired new marker and strobe lights.

The newly acquired product line includes the AQ4 MKII Strobe Light and the ML-100, ML-200 and ML-300 Marker Lights, designed to enhance visibility and safety across a wide range of various maritime and offshore applications.

“We are thrilled to integrate the ML-100, ML-200, ML-300 and AQ4 MKII Marker and Strobe Lights into our product portfolio,” said Kevin Rough, CEO at Daniamant. “The innovative lights not only align with our commitment to safety and reliability, but also expand our capabilities to serve a wider range of maritime industries and applications. We are confident that our customers will greatly benefit from the enhanced visibility and durability that our newly acquired Marker and Strobe Lights provide.”

Daniamant's new ML 300 Marker Light
Daniamant’s new ML 300 Marker Light

The Marker and Strobe Light series are engineered to meet the needs of the marine environment, providing marking solutions for a range of applications, including nets and long line fishing equipment, buoys, seismic cables, anchor chains and moorings.

The lights are built with high-intensity LEDs to ensure maximum visibility and are suitable for extreme conditions, including saltwater, high pressure, and UV exposure.

Marker light features include customisable light intensity, flash rate, synchronisation to the master light, and a daylight switch for adjustable ambient light levels.

The new Daniamant lights can be integrated into various marine applications, from small-scale fishing operations to large offshore installations.

With advanced LED technology integration, both the Marker and Strobe Lights guarantee long operational life combined with low power consumption, reducing maintenance.

The Marker Light series also has a module-based construction, for easier service and repair.


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