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Caudwell Marine and ZF form technical partnership

Caudwell Marine has agreed a technical partnership with ZF which will see ZF supporting the engine manufacturer in enhancing the performance and capabilities of its 300hp turbo charged V6 diesel outboard.

As part of the technical partnership, ZF has developed a twin-clutch transmission system that integrates with Caudwell Marine’s purpose-built turbo-charged V6 diesel powerhead and axis-drive steering system with dual propellers.

The agreement extends this further with ZF’s active involvement in the assembly of Caudwell Marine’s lower unit.

Whilst the lower unit is Caudwell’s own design, with related IP, the partnership leverages ZF’s experience in precision manufacturing.

“We have been thrilled to embark on this technical partnership with ZF. Initial design and development discussions started some years ago and our relationship has grown and grown as we now reach the point of series product units,” said Peter Ordway, commercial director at Caudwell Marine. “ZF’s expertise and track record in engineering excellence perfectly complement our vision to bring new technology solutions to the marine industry. Together with ZF, we are very confident that we will deliver a product that exceeds the expectations of marine professionals and commercial operators alike.”

Caudwell Marine’s diesel outboard is due to be released early summer 2024.


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