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Boatbuilder’s plastic waste is transformed

Williams Jet Tenders has partnered with start-up company Spared to transform the tender builder’s plastic waste into useable products.

Spared has been cleaning and chipping the plastic waste from Williams’ factory, transforming it into tabletops that will be shown at boot Düsseldorf in an initiative that Williams says reflects its commitment to sustainability, highlighting how waste can be transformed into extraordinary products rather than contributing to environmental challenges.

“We are conscious that exhibitions are among the worst sectors for the environment, and we are working hard to reduce our overall impact,” said Tom Dowdell, head of marketing at Williams Jet Tenders. “This collaboration with Spared is an example of our commitment and proves waste can be an opportunity to produce something extraordinary, rather than having to buy new.”

Spared aims to support brands in reusing their own waste in their own environments.

The organisation aims to provide innovative solutions to address the global issue of 2.12 billion tons of waste ending up in landfills each year.

“This collaboration with Williams is a testament to the transformative power of conscious initiatives,” said Callie Tedder-Hares, founding partner and creative director at Spared.

“By repurposing plastic waste into stunning tabletops, we showcase the potential for waste to be spared from landfills and given another life as something beautiful.”


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