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Evoy and Zeabuz partner to progress autonomous boating

Evoy and Zeabuz have partnered to further progress autonomous electric boating.

Evoy’s high-output electric motor systems will be combined with autonomous navigation technology from Zeabuz which the companies say will have a huge positive impact on boating, from leisure boats to ferries and workboats.

‘We see a tremendous opportunity in this partnership with Zeabuz,” said Leif Stavøstrand, Evoy CEO and co-founder who believes that AI and technology and autonomy solutions are set to change waterborne mobility and shipping forever.

“The future requires betting on electric vessels and AI now. Self-driving electric boats deliver more flexible energy and cost-effective and sustainable solutions across the board.”

The two Norwegian based companies have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the next step including developing a test vessel that incorporates Zeabuz AI technology and an Evoy electric motor system.


“When commuter and harbour vessels normalise automated zero-emission operations, we expect the technology to trickle down to many more vessels and boats,” added Leif.

“One day, in the not-too-distant future, we will have self-driving taxi boats and recreational boats that go from A-to-B even at high speeds.”

“It’s a dream come true, and it will revolutionise the way we travel — opening the waterways to decongest large metropolises sustainably.”

The companies plan to launch the test boat on the fjords in summer 2024 to research the fundamentals of technical interoperability, followed by showing how it works to the market.  

“With electric, self-driving capabilities and advanced digital security, the collaboration with Evoy sets the stage for key advancements in the maritime industry. Both of our technologies fit many use cases,” explained Erik Dyrkoren, Zeabuz CEO.


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