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Archipelago Yachts receives funding for cutting-edge project

Archipelago Yachts, Chartwell Marine, Boat Electrics and Electronics (BEE) and Engineered Marine Systems (EMS), have been awarded funding to develop a low carbon emission vessel.

The funding is part of the latest round in the UK government’s Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition under the Department for Transport (DfT) UK Shipping Office for Reducing Emissions (UK SHORE) programme, a £206m initiative focused on developing the technology required to decarbonise the UK’s domestic maritime sector.

This latest round will enable the progression of a methanol-powered low carbon emission leisure vessel.

First vessel

“We are thrilled to be awarded this funding, which is going to make a huge impact for the future of the maritime industry in terms of sustainability,” said Dr Stephen Weatherley, Archipelago founder.

“Since founding Archipelago, clean maritime solutions have always been a huge focus for the company and this grant is allowing us to honour that, which is amazing.”

The Archipelago 47, designed by naval architects Chartwell Marine, is the first vessel designed in the range, bridging the gap between performance, range and luxury accommodation.

The propulsion system for the 47ft vessel has been designed by Archipelago and Chartwell with collaborators BEE and EMS.

The design uses a parallel hybrid system, combining the clean energy derived from a pair of methanol reformers and hydrogen fuel cells. As part of the project the methanol-powered vessel will be demonstrated in the UK during March 2025.


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