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Alliance Marine signs partnership with Hempel

Alliance Marine Group, B2B distributor of boat parts and equipment for yachting and professional marine, has signed a strategic partnership with paints and coatings manufacturer Hempel.

The group is extending its distribution via its subsidiaries VDM-Reya, Sogeric, HDS, and Bukh Bremen.

The collaboration is aimed at contributing to the Group’s European expansion, with the Hempel range now available in France and Germany, in addition to its established distribution in Sweden and the UK via subsidiaries Navinordic and Marathon Leisure.

The agreement strengthens the experience of France’s leading paint and maintenance centre of excellence VDM-REYA, HDS and Sogeric, in the pleasure boating, sports sailing, yachting and industrial sectors.

“Integration of a new brand of Hempel’s renown is a major step for VDM-Reya, particularly consolidating its paint expertise through HDS & Sogeric,” said Jean-Nicolas Barral, MD of VDM-Reya, HDS and Sogeric.

“Our field teams are already up and running on the Hempel ranges to meet our customers’ needs, capitalising on our recognised technical know-how.”

Jörg Bunke, MD of Bukh Bremen, added: “With Hempels’s broad product portfolio, we are not only able to satisfy our customer request for high-quality paint but also fulfil legal requirements in Germany for biocide-free fouling release.”


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