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40% growth for Sunreef Yachts

Sunreef Yachts has seen an 89% increase in the number of units delivered in 2023 compared to 2021, with a significant portion coming from existing customers.

The surge in demand the company is seeing has led to a 40% growth in revenue.

The luxury yacht builder has two shipyards in Poland where it is looking to increase the workforce by 15%, together with a new 65,000m² facility in the UAE where is it looking to double its workforce during 2024. Currently there are almost 3,000 staff members worldwide.

The shipyard builds electric, hybrid and hydrogen catamarans with its current superyacht portfolio including seven Sunreef 100 catamarans alongside two 43m electric sail yachts which have contributed to the 70% growth of the overall length of the yachts ordered.

Sunreef Yachts has two shipyards in Poland and one in the UAE
Sunreef Yachts has two shipyards in Poland and one in the UAE

These electric sail yachts will rely on solar power, electric engines, hydrogeneration and performance sails, with Sunreef pointing out will prove that superyachts can be energy-efficient and highly autonomous.

“We try our best every day to convince people to switch to sustainable alternatives and today over 50% of our demand is for our Eco range,” explained a company spokesperson.

In addition, the shipyard is investing in the development of plant-based composites as another step towards a sustainable boat building process.

Currently the shipyard’s R&D department has integrated natural fibre composites into its interior and exterior design offerings.

The company is also developing new tech solutions such as a ‘solar skin’ for greater energy-efficiency. In other developments, the company is actively exploring the potential of hydrogen, with a first hydrogen Sunreef 80 under construction.


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