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£2.2 million investment at Ocean Village Marina

MDL has completed a £2.2m investment in its Ocean Village Marina in Southampton.

The investment has included replacement of all pontoons along the south side of the marina and the introduction of new smart electric technology.

The works, which began in October 2023, involved installing new pontoons from F through to L (inclusive).

“Our commitment to investing in our marinas is crucial to ensure we are always delivering the highest level of excellence that our berth holders, visitors and tenants have come to expect,” explained Lauren McCann, Ocean Village Marina manager.

“We also would like to take this opportunity to extend a huge thank you to all our berth holders and staff who have been incredibly patient and accommodating throughout the project.”

This consisted of removing some of the piles, dredging, reinstating the piles and then installing the new pontoons, while maintaining the overall configuration of most of the pontoons.


In addition to the new pontoons, smart meters have been installed across the marina providing customers with control of their electricity accounts, offering 24/7 access for online payments and automatic notifications of any interruptions to their power supply.

In addition, the five superyacht berths, which can accommodate boats from 25m to 50m, have been upgraded with new concrete pontoons, new decking and smart meters supplying three-phase electricity.

MDL Marinas also commissioned works to include enhanced wave attenuation at the entrance to the marina, to dissipate the waves to create a calmer and more comfortable berthing experience.

The concrete pontoon sections were transported by land from Ireland to MDL’s Saxon Wharf and then towed to Ocean Village. The old pontoons and floats were taken away for re-use or recycling, underscoring MDL Marinas’ commitment to sustainability.

 With the upgrades complete, Ocean Village Marina can now accommodate boats from 8m to 80 metres.


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