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When did the disconnect happen?

So when did the disconnect happen? It seems to me that the marine industry has split into two distinct groups, muses Cardinal Sin. How has this happened?

We are currently living in the time of those who have and those who don’t; those who supply generally being very much the disconnected have not, trapped in a market that has no exit but one for them…

Wasn’t the strength of the industry we have all enjoyed its collective spirit?

Relationships delivered support benefits to all, with flexibility, help and goodwill in unlimited supply on all levels, with threats limited to use by but a few larger companies against the supply chain (you know who you are..).

Now it’s all standard fayre to be uncaring about cause and effect and all rather predictable in these modern times. It’s time the OEM’s understood the damage caused, and that positive action need to be taken.

Working with the suppliers to chase cost down is one thing, but doing it unilaterally ends up with a race to the bottom, with no winner and service levels going down the pan.

So, when did the disconnect begin and it all start to change? Why did the relationships end up in the proverbial bin? Why were they not cherished, developed and held dear? My god, mop my balding head, have we really ended up being like every other industry sector, hard, uncaring and trying to cover it up by claiming to be professional.


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