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Social media for B2B brands

Social media is arguably the most cost-effective way to get your brand seen and loved, but for some B2B brands, social media can still be a secondary thought, writes Kate O’Sullivan.

All social media channels can have a place in B2B marketing, but you need to think more strategically to reach business owners and decision makers. Whilst B2C social media campaigns may be focused on driving sales, B2B social should be used for longer-term business objectives. By that I mean creating brand awareness, building trust and thought leadership.

It’s important to build your social strategy based on your business objectives and understanding your target audience is key. This will help you establish which social channels they use and what content to create to appeal directly to them.

Stay consistent by developing a content plan of what to post, when and in what format. Cut through the noise by adding value to useful insights to tell a story people will remember.

Lastly, to ensure your social strategy is working, you need to measure and evaluate the results. Use clear metrics and KPIs to measure against your objectives. Do more of what’s working and tweak or refine your strategy where it’s not.

Don’t forget, you can also use social listening to keep tabs on your most valuable prospects.

Most importantly, remember you’re talking to people, not brands and they also want to talk to the people behind your business, so inject personality to start conversations and build relationships.

Kate O’Sullivan is joint MD of PR and marketing company ADPR.


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